"INS" Model

SNS has dominates our society, but with several network pattern

  1. Facebook: Friend, two-way following
  2. Twitter, youtube, instagram .etc: one-way following/subscribe.

All these networks are offering a timeline feed to each use, which means you aggregate the information source by following others.

There are some other social networks:

  1. chat app: one-way, like telephone number, you can send messages to them
  2. anonymous network: people gathering by interest, by UGC
  3. private network: a special Facebook with narrower audience and more restriction.

They are all good in specific situations, but doesn't mean there is no room for another kind of network.

And I've started to think about this one network since 2012, I gave it a name called "INS model"

I - identity

This is simple. *every people is an identity", each of us have our own thoughts, life goals and behaviors.

N - Nickname

Coming to relationship between Identities, these are all subjective, means a relationship between two identities means totally differently to each of them.

Let's say a family: Man A, and Woman B

1. for A , the relationship is **B is my wife**
2. for B, the relationship is **A is my husband**

And this relationship to another people, is couple. Different people have different perspective of this relationship.

Now standing at A's perspective, B is his wife, but B is not part of A, B has her own life. Which means, B only exists when A sees her as her wife. A could be a mother to her child, a yoga teacher to her student. Each person are different identity to different people

Which leads to following conclusion: people only exists at other people perspective, and can only see part of other people, this is the concept of Nickname.

let's return to the family a gain:

  1. there are two identities: A and B
  2. there are two Nicknames: my wife and my husband (these are how they call the other part)

This is simple, if there is one more child C, things become:

1. identities: A, B, C
2. Nickanames: **my wife** , **my husband**, ** my child ** x 2, **mom**, **dad**

This grows very fast when identity count grows.

Let's see this in a different way:

An identity may has different nicknames, and these nicknames are connected to different identities

So one more step forward, we got this whole new understanding of the social network.

People are not connecting together, but connecting to the people they think they are connecting

As a common SNS connection like A <=> B, it actually should be:

A -> B in A -> B
B -> A in B -> A

To wrap it up, connections are in this form: Identity -> Nickname -> Identity.

S - Shadow

As you already see from above deduction, * identity * could have many Nicknames, as classical six-degree theory, maybe around 150 or 200 nicknames at most. What if the identity is not existing?

for like A and B they haven't got a baby yet, but they both are start dreaming about the baby( as a term in programming language, this is a promise). At this situation, Nickname still exists:

A -> Baby to A -> 
B -> Baby to B-> 

The baby isn't born yet, no identity to connect, but they are connecting to, definitely, the same identity.

So I gave it a name Shadow as a placeholder, now the relationship became:

A -> Babay to A -> Shadow of baby
B -> Babay to B -> Shadow of baby

Now everything is familiar again.

This is all for introduction of "INS" model - the basic theory of welogger , which I'm creating for the 5th times, and this is the first time I made it public.

Staty tuned








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