Terms of Use

These Terms of Use shall apply to all matters regarding use of the services.

The conditions for using the services are stipulated in these Terms of Use and other rules, etc. provided by Zanp.life. Regardless of their names, other terms of use, etc. shall constitute a part of these Terms of Use. If any of the provisions of these Terms of Use conflict with any of the provisions of other terms of use, etc., these Terms of Use shall prevail, unless otherwise specified by Zanp.life.

By using the services, it shall be deemed that the user has agreed to all the provisions of these Terms of Use.

Article 1 (Definition of Terms)

Article 2 (Registration of Users)

A person or body that wishes to become a user of the services shall approve these Terms of Use and apply for user registration in accordance with the procedures established by Zanp.life.

Article 3 (Ownership of Rights, including Copyrights)

Intellectual property rights related to the services, including copyrights, shall belong to Zanp.life, or to third parties possessing the relevant legal rights.

Article 4 (Responsibilities and Duty of Care)

1.Users shall use the services at their own responsibility. A user shall be solely responsible for the contents transmitted by him or her.

2. A user shall indemnify and hold Zanp.life free from any damage compensation or liability, if a conflict or damage claim arises between the user and another user or a third party, and the user shall resolve such problem at their own responsibility.

Article 5 (Prohibited Items)

A user shall not conduct any of the following acts. If a user violates the provisions of this article, Zanp.life may suspend the use of the services by the said user, or delete the contents concerned.

Article 6 (Privacy)

Zanp.life shall obtain the minimum information from a user that is necessary for providing the services. Zanp.life shall take the utmost care in protecting the private information obtained from a user. For details of Zanp.life’s approach to privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy (http://zanp.life.com/privacy/).

Article 7 (Personal Information)

1.Zanp.life shall manage registered personal information. Zanp.life shall utilize such personal information for the purposes of providing the services, responding to various inquiries, and providing information on Zanp.life’s services. A user shall agree to the foregoing in advance.

2. Zanp.life shall not provide registered personal information to a third party without obtaining approval from the relevant user.

3. Zanp.life may entrust part of its personal information handling operations to another company.

4. With respect to personal information, a user may ask for the notification or disclosure of purposes of its use, or amendment, addition or deletion, or elimination or cessation of use or provision in the manner specified in the Personal Information Protection Policy.

5. The registration of personal information is at the user’s option. However, if the necessary information is not registered, provision of the services may be affected.

Article 8 (Indemnity)

1.Zanp.life shall make no guarantee concerning the services and information, etc. that are provided in connection with the services, including non-guarantee for their completeness, accuracy, reliability, and usability.

2. Zanp.life shall not be responsible in any way for the provision, delay, change, discontinuity, suspension, or abolition of the services, or the outflow or loss of information or data that is transmitted or received, exchanged, or stored through the services, or the infringement of rights of third parties, or damage caused to a user or third parties that may have occurred in connection with the services.

3. Zanp.life may delete contents that are transmitted from a user without giving prior notice to, or obtaining approval from, the user. Zanp.life shall not be responsible in any way for damages caused by such deletion.

Article 9 (Withdrawal of Membership)

1. A user of the services may withdraw from the services in accordance with the procedures established by Zanp.life.

2. Zanp.life shall have no duty to retain data, etc., including logs and related personal information of the withdrawing user.

Article 10 (Changes, etc. to the Services)

Zanp.life may, at any time, supplement, change, suspend, or terminate the services for any reason.

Article 11 (Revision of the Terms of Use)

In the case of establishment, amendment, or abolition of laws and regulations, Zanp.life may revise these Terms of Use without obtaining the approval of users. In this case, the revised provisions of these Terms of Use shall take effect when such provisions are displayed in the appropriate service window.

Article 12 (Governing Laws and Jurisdiction)

These Terms of Use shall be interpreted under the laws of Japan. Any lawsuit between Zanp.life and a user shall be exclusively brought in the district court having jurisdiction over the location of the head office of Zanp.life.

(Additional Clause)

These Terms of Use shall take effect on 2018.5.28